A coin a bottle and a cork

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If you were to put a coin into an empty bottle and then insert a cork in the bottle's opening, how could you remove the coin without taking out the cork or breaking the bottle?

Hint (scroll over this text): Actually, people solve this riddle everyday. Let's say you're opening a wine bottle, and in the process you break the cork. What's the only thing left to do?



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Put a cork in small enough that it won't stop up the opening.
- (7 Jan 2009)

push the cork in
- heather (3 Nov 2009)

Break the cork
- D'Andre (30 Nov 2009)

Just remove the cork- turn the bottle upside down & shake
- (13 Feb 2010)

push the cork in
- sarah (1 Mar 2010)

you could melt the glass at the end and take it out
- jake (28 Mar 2010)

mskr s hole in the cork big enough for the coin

- peter Greve (28 Mar 2010)

You would break the bottel first
- Izzy (11 Apr 2010)

its an empty bottle
- kate (22 Jul 2010)

if you do that theirs a hole in a cork and if you put the coin in you can get it
- cris alfred (30 Jul 2011)

how do u do this
- Kimberly (13 Sep 2011)

Put a hole in the bottle wide enough for the coin to fall out of it.
- Ehijie (17 Sep 2011)

Just push the cork in!! :)
- Alexis (18 Jan 2012)

Wait... It says put it in an EMPTY bottle, so the answer is..... The bottle is empty!!! :o
- Alexis (18 Jan 2012)

shake the bottle until the coin come out
- Joseph (17 Mar 2012)

THe bottle is EMPTY BEFORE the coin is put in idiots!!! the answer is NOT that the bottle is empty. Once the coin is in its no longer empty. Gosh why do you even bother
- Anonymous (25 Aug 2012)

Now who said it was empty!?!=_=

- (23 Jun 2013)

push the cork inside the bottle
- sourav manghani (7 Jul 2013)

Drill a whole through the cork,besides what coin fits in a bottle?
- julian (12 Jul 2013)

you will obviously smash it

- bethany (17 Jul 2013)

Put the coin in one bottle and put cork on some other bottle
- Zap (25 Jul 2013)

Using a glass cutter and take out the coin. -.-''

-Your Mom
- Your Mom (20 Aug 2013)

I would push the cork into the bottle and then remove alcohol... I mean coin......
- Mandy (6 Sep 2013)

push the cork all the way through and shake the coin out.
- bob (5 Dec 2013)

you put fire underneath the bottle and the oxygen will suck In the cork and you can get the coin out.
- Alexa (24 Dec 2013)

I would push the cork into the bottle and then remove alcohol... I mean coin......
- Mandy (6 Sep 2013)
- bright (12 Jun 2014)

- otaSPARTAN (27 Jun 2014)

Hire someone smart to do it.
- (6 Aug 2014)

If you take the x axis, and square it, youll get the y axis.
- Bob IV (31 Dec 2016)

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