Disappearing dots

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Stare at the black cross in the middle.  After 30 seconds or so, the pink circles will disappear completely... 

illusion brain teaser

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    pinks are not completely disappearing, there is a green spot moving. This should be related to human eye frame process rate. The green color actually appears for a very short time.
    - (7 Oct 2009)

    For me, they just doubled.
    - Lensee (16 Jan 2010)

    this happens cause your eyes doesnt switch between green and red fast enough for you to see the pink dot you actual see green dots
    - (12 Mar 2010)

    OMG!!! dat is soo cool.
    yea the dots do disapper
    - GagA (13 Mar 2010)

    they completely dissapear but i start seeing a green dot. thats cool:)
    - amanda (30 Sep 2010)

    i didnt stare in the middle straight away tthey were mooving so obvs there are accually moving
    - saffy (29 Nov 2011)

    so cool
    - (29 Mar 2012)

    The dots did not disappear for me.
    - Leanna (2 Apr 2012)

    The picture is actually moving. Even if you don't look at the center, they still move.
    - (3 Jun 2013)

    this comment above me, y so dumb? it says THE PINK CIRCLES WILL DISSAPEAR
    READ IT DUDE.-.-''
    - (21 Aug 2013)

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