Greater than God

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What is greater than God.
More evil than the Devil.

Rich people need it.
Poor people have it.
And if you eat it you die.

What is it?





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The answer is...




Nothing is greater than God.
Nothing is more evil than the Devil.

Rich people need nothing.
Poor people have nothing.
And if you eat nothing, you die!
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easy!!! The answer is NOTHING! Nothing is greater than god. Nothing is more evil than the devil. Rich people need nothing. Poor people have nothing, and if u eat nothing, u'll die. =>
- Randa (19 May 2009)

- ron (13 Oct 2009)

Nothing! :-)

- Chance (17 Oct 2009)

.... What's the point of commenting on this repeating the answer?
- Stephani (10 Mar 2010)

Chinese food?? lol
- bfff (15 Mar 2010)

this is retarded. rich people have everything and poor people have nothing? what a limited view =(
- (15 Mar 2010)

ya but it says rich people need nothing, they have enough they don't need more
- (17 Mar 2010)

Don't get antsy. Let's change the riddle then.
"Rich people might need it, but because of the recent economic climate they're become more and more concerned as to whether they will get it or not."
"Poor people don't need it, they are happy with the love of their friends and family."

Happy now? =_=
- (8 Apr 2010)

To: "This is retarded" - It's the wording of a riddle, not meant to present an actual worldview. Are you actually that thick, or are you just being a smart-arse? Just wondering.
- (27 Apr 2010)

are you people stupid?!this should have been the people have it,poor people want it and you might want it.what am i?
- tasnim (18 Apr 2012)

nothing is the answer

- fato (24 Apr 2012)

i thought money
- (17 Dec 2012)

its hunger
- priya (6 Jan 2014)

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