The Last Horse

4 stars

A King was traveling to a neighboring kingdom when he suddenly became ill. He had two sons, and they came to visit the King in this neighboring kingdom before he died.

On his deathbed he promises his kingdom and all it's treasures to whichever son owned the horse that is the LAST to return to their home kingdom.

The king dies and the two sons are left to wander on the outskirts of town trying to be the last one to return home.

After days of not accomplishing anything, they seek advice from a wiseman. After counseling with the wiseman, they immediately saddle-up and race for home.

What did the wiseman tell them?

Answer: to swap horses

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Take each other's horse
- herpderp (5 Mar 2013)

he told them to switch horses. that way they would want to get the horse that his brother "owned" home first.
- Amekne (25 Mar 2013)

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