The safest room

3.5 stars

A murderer is condemned to death. He has to choose between three rooms.
The first is full of raging fires, the second is full of assassins with
loaded guns, and the third is full of lions that haven\'t eaten in 3 years.
Which room is safest for him?

(answer below)

The third room. Lions that haven\'t eaten in three years are dead. That
was easy, right?! 
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The lions,
because the lions are probably dead by now so that room is the safest!
- Thomas (7 May 2009)

i think the assasins, because if he's a murder, they would be on his side
- C-man (18 Feb 2010)

He was condemned to death.
Doesn't that mean he was sentenced to death?
i.e. he's going to die anyway?
- Kevin (11 Mar 2010)

Lions are dead for sure, must be safest
- Lee (11 May 2010)

i would say lions
- (21 May 2010)

Duhhhhhhhh, its the lions cuz they are probably dead this was the easiest brain teaser i have ever heard!
- Awesome (29 Oct 2012)

ya, the lions must be dead but what about the assassins? didn't they kill each other
- NiceBoy89 (14 Nov 2013)

Lions, they would all be dead after 3 years. First they would've eaten/killed each other. Then the survivor would of died in the end anyway.
- Easy (27 Nov 2013)

Yeah but then again, he would have probably died of the smell of the rotten lions..
- Scott (10 Jul 2014)

If you are condemned to die then death is certain. Either by fire, gunfire or "the lion room". The problem with the 3rd choice is since the lions are dead you will then die of thirst sometime later on or about day 5-7. I think I would take the gunfire.
- Mike (28 Mar 2016)

the fire would have obviously killed him, the assasins would have shot him down but the lions did not eat for 3 years so that
room is safe
- Anonymous (5 Feb 2017)

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