Try and read this out loud without a mistake

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This is this puzzle
This is is puzzle
This is how puzzle
This is to puzzle
This is keep puzzle
This is an puzzle
This is idiot puzzle
This is busy puzzle
This is for puzzle
This is forty puzzle
This is seconds! puzzle

See below


Now go back and read the THIRD word in each line from the top.
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This is how to keep an idiot busy for forty seconds
- Nancy (26 May 2009)

Wow, whoever wrote this puzzle is a funny person (not)
- Jamie (5 Mar 2010)

Ha! It only took me 34 seconds!!!
- Booyah (15 Mar 2010)

A man switched off all the light and the next day on the news said there was a boat crash then the man ran opened the windows and jumped out. why?
- Lauren (18 Mar 2010)

i dk can u tell us the answer

- racket (12 Apr 2010)

Well...I sure feel like an idiot.
- Jamie (6 Oct 2010)

HA! it only took me 11 seconds :P and answer to that riddle is because he was in a light house. He probably jumped out because he saw the boat coming an jumped out to safety so he didn't drown from being stuck in the building.
- Kim (11 Oct 2011)

Easy You have to read it without saying the this is
- Megan (21 Apr 2012)

The light he turned off was the light in the light house.

- Susan (3 Sep 2013)

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