Two deaths

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Bob and Mary were found dead. The Inspector went to the house an wrote this in his journal:

-There was glass all around the bodies
-There were water stains in the carpet around them
-There was a table next to them
-The Family cat was looking at the bodies upon The Inspectors entry

The autopsy report showed this:
-Bob and Mary died from 2 things
1. from shock
2. from loss of oxygen

What happened?


(scroll down for answer)























Bob and Mary are fish - they died when the cat pushed their fish bowl over

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thats stupid fish dont need oxygen it should be worded suffication

- faith (7 Mar 2010)

Fish don't need oxygen? What do their cells use for cellular respiration?
- Erik (22 Mar 2010)

- opps (23 Mar 2010)

WOW! That's an amazing answer, Faith. Or rather, amazingly stupid! Thanks though, you gave me my laugh for the day.

What is it you think the "O" in H2O stands for? If you still haven't figured this out, I'll explain further:

The water that surrounds a fish contains dissolved oxygen in a ratio of about 5 ml per liter. Therefore they have a system that can extract that small amount of oxygen out of the water and into their bloodstream. They use their gills for this. The process starts with the fish's mouth where he takes in water. When a fish opens and closes his mouth, he is pumping water back through the gills – his own way of breathing oxygen.

Please don't have kids, Faith. Our population can't take any more stupidity.
- Erin (25 Mar 2010)

They wouldn't call an inspector because 2 fish died.
- Lara (30 Jun 2010)

autopsy for a fish death is amazing...
- dd (23 Dec 2010)

come on you guys give him a break its just a joke its not like it happened in real life
- angel (19 Jul 2011)

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